wITkey in Vélizy Villacoublay

A digital services company that works hand in hand with its customers

To support you in your digital transformation, wITkey offers the expertise and services you need. Created in 2013 by Christian Martin, with a desire to: dedicate emotional intelligence to digital intelligence! At wITkey, our teams take a global approach to each project, considering the challenges, needs, expectations and constraints.

Our leitmotiv? Find the wITkey expert that best matches customer needs.

Why did we put the words ‘wit’ and ‘key’ together to come up with our name?

Because our mental agility is the key to your success!

Thanks to a close, high-quality relationship with our ecosystem of customers, consultants and partners, we ensure longevity for your business in total security.

The spirit of collaboration is vital to our business.

Comprehensive assistance

Daily follow-up in your IT transformation
A culture of excellence to ensure your business performs optimally
Security at every level of our operations.

At wITkey,
we reinvent ourselves

The right to reinvent ourselves is part of our DNA. By developing a truly trusting relationship, our employees adopt a sense of responsibility and commitment. Their agility increases as they grow every day.

OUR STRENGTHS: Optimised management of customer relations and service quality

Our customer satisfaction is at the core of the support we provide. Moreover, we address our teams and methods with the utmost care.

Our values

Inscribed in wITkey’s genetic code, our values support our entire business.
They are reflected in the work of our teams.


wITkey is committed to providing its customers with high-quality services, through experts that are fully invested in your project, and with the aim of ensuring quick response and customer satisfaction.


wITkey puts human relationships with its customers and employees at the core of its business. This value is so crucial to us that we prefer the term partner over service provider.


wITkey considers its employees as the best ambassadors to the company. They should be proud to communicate wITkey’s philosophy, which attributes equal importance to expertise and soft skills.


To create lasting partnerships, wITkey brings customers and consultants into the same virtuous circle. This principle of co-creation guarantees its customers get the committed effort and sustainable results they need for their projects, while its employees benefit from high value-added missions in line with their career path.


With wITkey, your business performance will improve and remain financially sound.