Which plan to implement in the event of a cyberattack ?

Any business could one day be the victim of a cyberattack. That’s why it is important to implement a cybersecurity management strategy. Through consulting services, wITkey supports businesses in cybersecurity to make sure they are prepared in the event of a cyberattack.

The aim? Instil a new, personal and professional sense of responsibility in the face of cyber risk. Then, implement the right procedures to reduce the risk of internal and external attacks.

Cyberattack: prepare and protect

How can businesses be proactive in the face of cyberattacks?

By being well prepared the day one arrives. wITkey supports your General Management or ITO, as well as your teams to anticipate a security crisis linked to a cyberattack.

wITkey offers support in cyber risk management to improve your security and performances over the long term.

What are the impacts in the event of an attack ?

There are countless impacts, which are broken down as follows:

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Protection is key, but it is also important to be ready for a potential attack. Preparing your teams to face threats is an integral part of your protection strategy. Christian Martin, CEO wITkey

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What type of threats is my business exposed to?

External threats : 

  • Ransomware/ Phishing

  • Targeted attacks

  • Opportunistic attacks

  • Attacks linked to system interconnections with partnering ecosystems.

Internal threats : 

  • Human negligence or error

  • Disregard for security rules

  • Ill-will

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We are no longer in the era of junior hackers acting from the depths of their bedrooms just to prove what they can do! We are currently faced with very organised, worldwide cybercrime. Cybercriminals have realised that attacks on IT systems can make them a lot of money and that the risk is considerably lower than that of other types of crimes. In figures, these crimes represent 1 trillion dollars in losses in 2020, that is 1% of the worldwide GDP. That’s surely enough to fuel attacks for a long time.

Cyber-related crises are just one of the types of crises that can hit an organisation. Though they are specific, their management should be a part of a business’ general crisis management system.

To prepare for a cyber-related crisis, businesses have to be ahead of the game in their reflections on the issue, conduct a cyber risk analysis and improve their security through recognised and regular procedures. Businesses also need to back up their data, which is their last defence.

Once these fundamentals are established, the global crisis management strategy must be formally adopted throughout the company. A cyber-related crisis is not just an ITO problem. There are several aspects to consider, such as business continuity, communication, legal issues, HR, etc.

And above all, once the procedure has been established, it should be regularly tested in fictional situations to improve its function and make sure everyone knows what to do.

Only then can we presume that we are well organised to face a cyber crisis.

wITkey can guide your preparation.

Communication about a crisis should be thought about beforehand to prevent being subjected to a situation and therefore constantly ending up in a reactive position. It is thus necessary to develop the company’s general crisis communication policy, which may range from refusal to communicate to total transparency. Moreover, communication may be a legal or contractual obligation. Any obligations should thus be identified beforehand.

It’s best to define your communication channels, keeping in mind that your CISO should be a contact person. There is no need to deny being the victim of a ransomware attack if the group of attackers usually publishes via the internet proof that it succeeded in a cyberattack …

Communication strategies should be prepared beforehand for any major types of attacks or incidents that may strike an organisation.

wITkey helps you ask the right questions and prepare your communication unit.

There are many costs linked to a cyberattack and they are sometimes difficult to calculate. Some are direct such as shrinkage in profit margins, technical investigation and remediation costs, post-incident security costs, the cost of notifying customers of the intrusion and/or lawyer and legal fees.

Others are indirect and sometimes difficult to calculate, such as increases in insurance premiums and cost of debt, impacts tied to disrupted or halted business activities, loss in customer/partner trust, brand depreciation, erosion in profit margins, etc.

Large corporations are increasingly safeguarded against and prepared for group cyberattacks. That’s why criminals try to attack their suppliers or service providers. Before attacking the targeted company, hackers first penetrate the latter’s IT environment where security measures are weaker. Today’s attackers are more prone to exploit mutual trust relationships between partners in order to access the information they seek.

To prevent this, system interconnections between a company’s IS and partnering ecosystems must be fully controlled.

Cybersecurity is not an individual sport, but rather played by the whole team. And unlike football, one goal can make the difference between losing and winning.

It is therefore critical to train everyone in cybersecurity. Each employee should have good IT best practices and remain vigilant, because anyone can be a victim of an attempted attack.

wITkey can assist you in team awareness-raising and training.

Each organisation is unique. For this reason, alongside you, wITkey starts by learning how your company works. wITkey helps you ask the right questions so that together we can define a security objective in line with your needs and constraints. wITkey then proposes an action plan to reach that objective. And above all, wITkey supports you throughout the implementation of your action plan. Because at wITkey, it’s not in our DNA to say, “here’s the plan, good luck and thanks!”.

The CIO and CISO often have their noses to the ground, and they sometimes lack skills in cybersecurity. Therefore, it is difficult for them to find the time to take a calm, global approach to cybersecurity.

wITkey provides an outside view and know-how to help improve your level of cybersecurity. A wITkey project manager can also provide these support services alongside your manager or your outside provider. By managing the project, we ensure service continuity.


With wITkey, your business performance will improve and remain financially sound.