wlTkey is the story of the encounter in 2013 of two well-known and recognized players in the IT world.
A human connection above all, which remains the DNA of their business.

To meet the needs of businesses in terms of services and the modernization of Information Systems,
Christian Martin and Emmanuel Messier have combined their skills and enriched them with a team of two dozen talents.

The keys to success according to wITkey?

Attentiveness and analysis, but also the search for the best match between the client and the wITkey expert,
adapting to corporate culture and respect for the way its IT was built.
The wITkey teams consider each intervention in its entirety: issues, needs, expectations and constraints.

“wlT” and “key”
The combination of these two words perfectly sums up the wITkey philosophy: “Adapting our keys to your IT mind”.

Committed employees who are loyal and faithful to the business’s human values.

1. Commitment
wITkey is committed to giving its clients quality services, provided by experts who are fully committed to the project, with an objective of reactivity and customer satisfaction.

2. Loyalty
wITkey sees its employees as the business’s best ambassadors. They must proudly promote the wITkey philosophy which places know-how on the same level as soft skills.

3. Honesty
wITkey places the human relationship, both with its clients and employees, at the heart of the business. This value is essential, so much so that wITkey prefers the term partner to that of provider.

4. Trust
To create lasting partnerships, wITkey puts clients and consultants in the same virtuous circle. This co-construction principle guarantees its clients a strong investment and project durability, and its staff the guarantee of working on high added value missions in a career management perspective.